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9th September 2021 :   Regular Lodge meeting

After a long break due to the COVID 19 pandemic, we all enjoyed being back in the Lodge.

It was a somewhat "streamlined" meeting, where we agreed the content of our next few meetings and dealt with business matters.

13th February 2020 :   Regular Lodge meeting

This evening we received a talk by W.Bro. Terry Sloan, Pr.G.Orator, titled "The Tyranny of King Solomon".

This was a very interesting and thought provoking talk which presented us with two sides of this historical character.

The key points covered were:

The Biblical notion of King Solomon being all wise and fair was challenged.

The historical image we have was tailored to fit the image that was wanted at the time, and other less desirable images were omitted.

Evidence of the other side of his character was shared using evidence from Kings Books 1 and 2.

W. Bro. Sloan ended by summing up that, in his opinion, "Wisdom was political shrewdness!"

Over 50 Brethren enjoyed the evening, partly due to an impressive turnout from Duncombe Lodge on their official Fraternal visit.

25th January 2020 :   Dartmoor Lodge Quiz Challenge !

W.Bro. Peter Southcott, our Lodge Secretary describes the evening as follows:

On Saturday 25th January, the members of the Dartmoor Lodge challenged other lodges to compete for the Dartmoor Lodge Quiz Challenge Trophy !

The quiz, organised by W.Bro. Richard Annetts, W.Bro. Peter Southcott and his wife Margaret, was a relaxed and enjoyable event with a wide range of questions that both amused and challenged the brain.

The quiz was followed by an excellent supper, provided by W.Bro. Steve Towl and his wife Tracey, and a raffle.

Teams of four from Dartmoor 4604, St.Andrews 4097, St.Simons 6376, the Masonic Choir and Tavistock Abbey Ladies Lodge 278 plus a few other teams took part. Competition was close but friendly with just 7 points separating first and second places.

In the end, and winning four bottles of wine and the Challenge Trophy were the Dartmoor Seniors led by W.Bro. Pete Tempest. Runners up were the team from St.Andrews Lodge. A wooden spoon was presented to the Newbies.

It is hoped that next year more teams will compete for the Dartmoor Challenge Trophy and try to stop Dartmoor Lodge running away with the trophy again and all hoping not to win the wooden spoon!

A total of £280 was raised to go into the Lodge Social Fund, along with other funds raised from Lodge socials since April 2019, for disbursement in March 2020 to local good causes.

Thanks to all the Brethren and wives involved, for organizing and for helping during the course of the evening.

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9th January 2020 :   Regular Lodge meeting

This evening we Passed Bro. Ian O'Connor to the Fellowcraft degree.

It was our Past Masters' Evening. W.Bro. Derek Lewis took the chair and, with his team, conducted the ceremony in an excellent manner.

We enjoyed an exuberant Festive Board of the usual Dartmoor fayre, and raised several hundred pounds for Charity.

Congratulations Brother Ian !

12th December 2019 :   Regular Lodge meeting

This evening we invited wives and partners to join us at the Lodge, where they enjoyed our usual Dartmoor Pasty or Pie.

The Festive Board was a relaxed affair, and the evening was a great success. We again raised a generous amount for Charity.

14th November 2019 :   Regular Lodge meeting - another Initiation !

This evening we Initiated Darren Wane Merritt into our wonderful Order as a member of this Lodge.

The team performed very well again, all carrying out their duties well.

The atmosphere at the Festive Board was jolly and friendly, and on the evening, we again raised several hundred pounds for Charity.

A sincere and fraternal welcome Brother Darren, to Dartmoor Lodge No 4604! We hope that you too will enjoy many happy and rewarding years in Freemasony.

12th September 2019 :   Regular Lodge meeting - an Initiation !

This evening we Initiated Bro. Ian O'Connor into our ancient fraternal order as a member of our Lodge.

Our W.M., W.Bro. Sam Mayer, and his team performed very well, all carrying out their duties in fine manner.

The atmosphere at the Festive Board was boisterous and lively, and on the evening, we raised several hundred pounds for Charity.

A sincere welcome Brother Ian, to Dartmoor Lodge No, 4604! We hope you will enjoy many happy and rewarding years in Freemasony.

15th April 2019 :   Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting

Peter Southcott - PrGSwdB

At today's meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Devonshire, our Secretary, W.Bro. Peter Southcott was invested as the Provincial Grand Sword-Bearer of the Province of Devonshire.

Congratulations W.Bro. Peter !

11th April 2019 :   OUR INSTALLATION

Our Annual Installation and subsequent Festive Board was probably the best Dartmoor Lodge has experienced.

W.Bro. Sam Mayer was installed for the forthcoming year by W.Bro. Steve Towl, who gave a faultless performance.

The Festive Board was held at the local Village Hall, and proved to be an excellent venue. The food was good, and the costs of food and drink were less than half of what we would normally expect to pay at a hotel.

Festive Board

14th March 2019 :   Regular Lodge meeting.

This was our Business Meeting.

W.Bro. Sam Mayer was voted Master Elect for the forthcoming year.

The Festive Board was the normal enthusiastic Dartmoor affair.

9th March 2019 :   LADIES NIGHT.

Click/Tap the image below to see more, and bigger, pictures.

Our Ladies Night, incorporating casino and live entertainment, was held in South Brent Village Hall.

Nearly ninety people attended and enjoyed a good three-course meal, followed by live entertainment donated free by local singer, Shelley Sheree, and we also had roulette and blackjack in the bar area. The bar was busy all evening.

The following is a quote from our W.M., WBro. Steve Towl:

What a way to finish my Social events for my year in the chair. Nearly 90 people attended our ladies night. Awesome friends, food and music with a room full of fun. Brethren from several lodges making it special and a total of £2K raised from the events, thank you all.

14th February 2019 :   Regular Lodge meeting.

A great Past Masters evening. The W.M. invited P.M. Bob Carter to occupy the chair.

WBro. Bob placed his officers in position, and his team then performed the second degree ceremony in fine style passing Bro. Rob Wills to the Fellowcraft Degree.

After an enjoyable ceremony, we indulged in the usual exuberant Dartmoor Festive Board.

26th January 2019 :   Horse-racing evening.

The Dartmoor Racecourse was again in action this evening.

The following is quoted from our Worshipful Master:

"Another great night at Dartmoor lodge. Penultimate social event for my year and we raised another £300. Thanks to everyone who helped especially my wife for cooking the food, and the 4 from Okehampton for running the race night. Last event March 9th Themed ladies Night £25 pp. "

The following is quoted from our Charity Steward:

"Great fun , good food and great company this evening for the Dartmoor Race Night .Thank you to the Okehampton crowd for the Racing, and Stephen Towl and family for organising the evening. Also managed to raise some money for charity."

See Pictures
A Great Dartmoor evening.

10th January 2019 :   Regular Lodge meeting.

Our W.M. and his team performed very well giving us an enactment of the First Degree ceremony.

A very typical pleasant Dartmoor evening.

13th December 2018 :   Regular Lodge meeting.

After a very short meeting, we joined our wives, partners etc for our Festive Board, which was very successful with a jolly atmosphere. We raised a total of £306 for Charity on the night including £32 for the whiskers-shaving of W.Bro. Richard Annetts. The bar was busy too, which means a bit more money will filter through for Charity.

8th December 2018 :   Dartmoor Lodge Carol Service.

A fairly full temple-full of members and guests enjoyed an entertaining evening of Carol Singing spearheaded by the South Brent Brownies.

Hot Soup and Mince Pies were laid on by our Worshipful Master and his wife in our refectory, decorated for Christmas. The raffle raised over £200 for Charity!

8th November 2018 :   Regular Lodge meeting.

This evening we received a playlet "Talking Heads" from the H.R.A. Presentation Team, extolling the virtues of Holy Royal Arch masonry and it's history and realationship to the Craft. It was well received by the Brethren.

The atmosphere at the Festive Board was boisterous and happy as usual.

4th November 2018 :   Sunday Lunch at the Lodge.

72 of us sat down to an excellent 3-course lunch of home-cooked food prepared, cooked, and served by the W.M.'s family. There was a lively, rather noisy, very cheerful atmosphere, with substantial quantities of food (and drink) consumed.

The day realized £434 for Charity.

11th October 2018 :   Regular Lodge meeting - an Initiation !

This evening we Initiated Bro. Robert Wills into our ancient fraternal order.

Our W.M., W.Bro. Steve Towl performed superbly, ably assisted by his team who all performed well. The whole team carried out their duties in fine manner, but mention must be made of Bro. Charlie Hard, our Junior Deacon, and it was wonderful to see our senior Past Master, W.Bro. Peter Moore performing ritual impeccably.

The atmosphere at the Festive Board was exuberant, and on the evening, we raised £421 for Charity.

A sincere welcome Brother Rob, to Dartmoor Lodge No, 4604! We hope you will enjoy many happy and rewarding years in Freemasony.

13th September 2018 :   Regular Lodge meeting

Peter Hawken receiving certificate

Our Worshipful Brother Peter Hawken M.B.E. received his certificate celebrating 50 years in Freemasonry.

The Provincial Grand Master, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, all four Assistant Provincial Grand Masters, the Provincial Grand Secretary, and many more high ranking Grand and Provincial officers, present and past, attended for this huge occasion for both W.Bro. Peter, and for Dartmoor Lodge.

The ceremony was impressive, with a comprehensive biography of W.Bro. Peter's life, naturally focussing mainly on his extensive Masonic career, which was read by the Provincial Grand Secretary, W.Bro. Richard Ebrey PAGDC.

The Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro. Ian Kingsbury presented the certificate. The atmosphere was both cheerful and poignant.

Our Refectory was full, and the Festive Board was as exuberant as ever.

A truly magnificent Masonic evening!

PHOTOGRAPHS ARE COURTESY OF W.BRO. JOHN SMERDON PAGDC. (Click/tap a photograph for large image)

There is also a comprehensive article reporting this occasion by W.Bro. Smerdon on the Devonshire PGL website, together with hi-res versions of these and more photographs.

Peter Hawken displaying certificate Peter Hawken receiving certificate Peter Hawken with certificate, WM, and 2 senior PMs Peter Hawken with D4604 Brethren

10th May 2018 :   Regular Lodge meeting

We had a very good attendance with guests visiting from the Isle of Wight, various parts of Somerset, and Cornwall, as well as more local gueste.

We received the 7th section of the First Degree lecture, with readings from Bro. Haley, Bro. Hard, W.Bro. Hext, W.Bro. Carter, W.Bro. McCann, W.Bro. Williams, and W.Bro. Crannis.

We enjoyed our usual lively and vociferous Festive Board.

Total monies raised for the evening totalled £289.

12th April 2018 : Our Annual Installation meeting.

Our outgoing WM, W.Bro. Matthew McCann installed W.Bro. Stephen Towl into the Chair. This will be W.Bro. Steve's second year as Worshipful Master.

Everybody involved with the ceremony, particularly the outgoing and incoming WMs performed superbly.

The subsequent exuberant Festive Board was held in South Brent Village Hall and was enjoyed by all who attended and all were complimentary with regard to the arrangements for the afternoon and evening.

An excellent afternoon followed by an excellent evening! Well done to everybody involved.

24th March 2018 :   Ladies' Night

The Dartmoor Lodge Ladies' Night was held at The Dartmoor Lodge Motel in Ashburton. It proved a most pleasant evening.

Photographs and more details to follow.

8th March 2018 :   Regular Lodge meeting

This was our Business Meeting prior to our Installation in April.

The highlight of the meeting was a presentation by W.Bro. Keith Bower on his experiences on the Torbay Lifeboat.   A very interesting and brave man.

The funds raised at our Draw during the Festive Board, was doubled by Lodge funds and the amount was presented to W.Bro. Bower for the R.N.L.I.

17th February 2018 :   Curry Night with the Devon Masonic Choir

A note from our W.M. regarding the evening :

Dear Brethren,

We had a really great evening last night with our Curry Night.

We were very lucky to have been joined by The Devonshire Masonic Choir and their partners, friends and families. Barrington, the choir master directed a really interesting and enjoyable performance and on behalf of everyone who attended last night, may I offer them a huge thank you and not forgetting Richard, the organist too. The curry was chicken tikka masala and seems to have been well received by everyone.

Thank you to everyone who pitched in and helped with the raffle, serving food and clearing up afterwards. Particularly to Bob Carter.

We had 47 diners and we raised a really great £430! This will go to South Brent and District Caring.

As my year as Master of Dartmoor lodge comes to an end, last night's Curry Night being my last Social event, may I thank everyone for their help and support for all the Social events during the year. The great company of The Brethren, their wives, families and friends who have really helped to make all the hard work worthwhile and together we have raised lots of money for my charity this year: South Brent and District Caring

Best wishes to you all,
WM, Dartmoor 4604

8th February 2018 :   Please see these 3 documents issued in reaction to the inflammatory, misleading and inaccurate articles appearing in daily tabloids :




8th February 2018 :   Regular Lodge meeting

This evening, on behalf of Ruislip St. Martins Lodge No.9125, we raised Bro.Ben Fox to the sublime degree of a Master Mason! Bro.Ben is the Grandson of our W.Bro.Roger Wigfall. Nearly 50 of us enjoyed the ceremony.

The Festive Board was our usual exuberant occasion with plenty of food being washed down with various beverages.

During the course of the evening we raised £274 for charity!.

20th January 2018 :   Fun Bingo evening

A note from our W.M. regarding the evening :

Dear Brethren All, Families and Friends,

We held our fun bingo evening on Saturday evening. A big thank you to all those who came along and for all the delicious food everyone brought. There was plenty of it!

Steve Towl made an excellent bingo caller and Peter Tempest of course made an excellent barman, as usual.

After some atrocious weather and a very cold night plus many people suffering from this horrible flu, numbers were down a bit, but we still managed to raise £75 for South Brent and District Caring.

Thank you all.

Best wishes,

9th December 2017 :   Dartmoor Lodge Carol Service

Our W.M.'s report on the evening :

Dear Brethren all,

Thank you to all those who managed to get to the Lodge Carol Concert on Saturday.

We had a really good evening with the Lodge full to capacity. The South Brent Brownies put on a great show for us again and the Carol singing by the Brethren, families and friends really raised the roof.

Thank you to everyone for helping serve our guests with the sausage rolls, mulled wine and mince pies afterwards.

The Lodge Christmas draw organised by Bob Carter was completely sold out with £300 being raised for The Benevolent Fund.

Thank you again to everyone for their support and also for their generosity with prizes.

Best wishes to you all,
Sincerely and fraternally,


3rd December 2017 :   Sunday Lunch at The Lodge

The following is a report from our W.M. :

Dear Brethren all,

The Christmas festivities at The Dartmoor lodge began with a really great attendance to the Lodge Sunday lunch.

We started with Steve Towl's famous vegetable soup.

The full Christmas turkey dinner, complete with cauliflower cheese prepared and cooked by Sadie Tempest was magnificent. Desserts in the form of Barbara Cole's trifle, Sadie's apple pie, and my wife, Deborah's mincemeat cakes finished off the great feast.

My initial concerns that no one would come were soon put aside as the booking list became longer and longer. Just over 50 people sat down to eat! We were pretty busy but it was really worth it. We had several visitors with their wives and families from other lodges and also lots of non- Masonic friends of the lodge.

I would like to thank everyone for all their help in making a really great occasion, with special thanks again to Sadie Tempest and to Terry Hutchings, Jon Moran, Richard Annetts (who led the Carol singing), Ken Osbourne, Bill (and Barbara) Cole, Rachael Young, and of course to Peter Tempest who ran the bar.

We also made £258 profit, to go to South Brent and District Caring!

Best wishes to you all.

Sincerely and fraternally yours,

Pirate Derek Lewis

21st October 2017 :   Beetle Drive

Despite the weather, 23 hardy souls braved the elements to enjoy the excitement of the Dartmoor Beetle Drive, with a nautical twist due to it being "Trafalgar Day".

Click on the frightening picture on the right, of this fearsome pirate to read a review by our Worshipful Master, together with some pictures of Dartmoor pirates.

12th October 2017 :   Regular Lodge meeting

This evening, nearly 50 of us witnessed the team perform a First Degree Enactment: The ceremony went well and was good practice for the New Year, when we expect to initiate a new candidate.

Over forty of us then enjoyed the usual exuberant Dartmoor Festive Board, and, as normal, we raised much money for Charity.

October 2017 :   Bro. Tim Haley returns from cycling the length of France.

The following is copied from our local paper, the South Devon and Plymouth Times:

Newspaper cutting re Tim Haley

14th September 2017 :   Regular Lodge meeting

We received an interesting and very informative talk from our W.Bro. Nick Williams on the subject of masonic mentoring, explaining the approach and direction filtering down from UGLE via the Province. We all learned that the current "new" approach to mentoring and recruitment is quite different to the "traditional" approach of years gone by.

This triggered much discussion and gave us all something to think about.

After the Summer break, it was good to enjoy our traditionally lively Festive Board, and, as usual, we raised substantial money for Charity.

9th September 2017 :   The Dartmoor Race Meeting

The Dartmoor Race meeting was again in action in what has become a regular annual event.

The following is a report of the evening by W.Bro. Matthew McCann, our W.M. :

We had a great Race night at the lodge last Saturday. These nights are always fun and well supported. John and Peter and their wives Angela and Sandra from Okehampton once again put on some great racing.

There was a pretty good Chilli con Carne, though I say so myself, cooked by my own fair hands and lots of delicious desserts brought by people. 36 meals!

Thank you so much for all your help and support. Peter Tempest ran the bar, Derek, Bob and Gerry helped in the kitchen with the Baked Potatoes and Chilli. A big thank you to Peter Southcott for helping me with meal tickets etc.

We also raised £300 to go to South Brent and District caring.

Well done and thank you to you all.

16th July 2017 :   Treasure Hunt and Barbeque

Seven teams travelled far and wide competing in our Treasure Hunt, even as far as Ivybridge!

The following is a report of the afternoon by our W.M. :

We all had a great time on Sunday at the treasure hunt despite one or two fine rain showers.

It is always a difficult time of year to plan social events. Everyone is so busy and the holiday season starting for many of us. Despite this we had 7 teams of intrepid "hunters". So thank you to them for taking part. We had a good laugh with plenty of barbecued food afterwards.

A big thank you to Tom Heathfield for compiling the questions and planning the route. It is now apparent that attention to detail in answering the questions is the key to success! The winner of......The Dartmoor Lodge Treasure Hunt 2017.....was Nigel and Sharon Stears-Tremlett (Nigel is IPM of the Semper Fidelis Lodge 1524 in Exeter). They saw the treasure hunt advertised on our excellent website and travelled from Exeter to take part and they were very pleased they did. They went away with the first prize of a box of organic vegetables and a joint of organic beef from "The well hung meat company".

Thank you very much to everyone that came along. Everyone pitched in and helped. Thank you to Bob and Kathy, "The chefs", in particular. Thank you also to those that brought food and prizes.

We also managed to raise £125 clear profit to go towards South Brent and District Caring.


Our Open Day was a huge success: thank you W.Bro. Matthew for organizing and driving this, and naturally thanks to all the Brethren whose efforts before and during the day contributed to this success.

Apparently, we are the first Lodge in the Province to hold a Tercentenary celebratory Open Day.

About 90 people attended during the course of the day.

Click on the picture to see a review.

A smaller file (lower quality version) of the review is available here.

Read a report from the "Ivybridge and South Brent Gazette".

8th June 2017 :   Regular Lodge meeting

This evening we enacted the Second Degree ceremony. Our newest member, Bro. Tim Hailey volunteered to be the candidate: the ceremony all went well, and we look forward to performing it 'for real' at our next meeting in September, after our Summer break.

There was the usual good-natured banter at our, somewhat noisy, Festive Board.

11th May 2017 :   Regular Lodge meeting

This evening we received an excellent Powerpoint Presentation on the Devon Air Ambulance, from W.Bro.Mike Safin PPrGStB. We had not realized how much we did not know about the Air Ambulance! Our IPM, W.Bro. Ricky Hext, who has benefited personally from the Air Ambulance, presented a cheque for £500 raised in Social Functions during his year as W.M.

We enjoyed our usual boisterous Festive Board, and donated the value of the raffle to W.Bro. Mike Safin for the Devon Air Ambulance.

24th April 2017 :   Devon Masonic Choir

The Devon Masonic Choir held their first practice in South Brent Masonic Hall this evening. From now on, this will be a regular event in our hall on Monday evenings.

For information and contact details see the left hand column of our Notices page. They are looking to recruit new members!

13th April 2017 :   Regular Lodge meeting : OUR INSTALLATION !

W.Bro. Ricky Hext worked hard achieving an excellent installation of Bro. Matthew McCann.

W.Bro. Matthew then continued to competently and confidently invest his officers and complete the business of the meeting

The photograph on the right shows W.Bro. Matthew McCann with the presiding Grand Officer, W.Bro. Derrick Webber, and our IPM, W.Bro. Ricky Hext.

The Installation Banquet was held at the Royal Seven Stars Hotel in Totnes, where 75 of us enjoyed a good dinner. The whiskey draw raised £135, and the main draw raised £375.

A thoroughly excellent Dartmoor Lodge Day !

Our new W.M. has already planned social events for his ensuing year:
Social Events for 2017-18
Lodge Calendar for 2017-18

18th March 2017 :   Social Get-together

We had a great evening on Saturday at the last minute, informal, get-together in the newly re-decorated refectory. 22 people attended, all bringing delicious food and of course there was loads too much, so there were lots of "doggy" bags taken home again. Steve Towl put on a great barrel of Teignworthy ale which slipped down very easily! We also raised £84 with the Bingo.

Many thanks to everyone for their support and a big thank you to the Brethren for their help with the painting , cleaning and tidying.

10th March 2017 :   Devon Life Magazine interview our PGM

This is copied from the April 2017 issue of Devon Life magazine. The magazine is full of information and articles relating to the county of Devon.

Click the image on the right to read the article.

The website for Devon Life magazine is:

9th March 2017 :   Regular Lodge meeting

Very quick efficient business meeting followed by our Festive Board incorporating the usual banter and fun while raising money for charity.

6th March 2017 : interview our PGM

Details here.

9th February 2017 :   Regular Lodge meeting

Nearly 60 members and guests attended on a very cold evening to witness Bro. Keith Wingate of Duncombe Lodge passed to the degree of a Fellowcraft.

Among the guests was W.Bro. David Hemsworth, Grand Sword Bearer of South Australia and Northern Territory: he must be the furthest travelling visitor we have ever had!

The picture shows our W.M. Ricky Hext with with our Antipodean visitor.

The Festive Board was exuberant and noisy as usual.

The whisky draw raised over £50, and the main draw, over £250.

4th February 2017 :   Dartmoor Lodge Quiz

Over 20 members and guests attended on a fairly inclement evening to take part in our quiz. W.Bro. Peter Southcott and Mrs. Margaret Southcott organized the quiz: W.Bro. Bob Carter, looking quite fetching in his apron, helped his wife, Kate, in the kitchen, and W.Bro. Steve Towl performed well behind the bar.

We enjoyed a pleasant evening including a few drinks, and raised £215 for charity.

12th January 2017 :   Regular Lodge meeting

This evening was our annual Past Masters' evening. W.Bro. Steve Towl took the chair and performed faultlessly through an enactment of the Second Degree ceremony.

Our lively Festive Board was full of the usual banter as we noisily consumed our four courses including the traditional Dartmoor Pasty.

The whisky draw raised £32, and the main draw £149.

10th December 2016 :   Dartmoor Lodge Carol Service

Over 60 attended our Carol Service with South Brent Brownies as the choir.

£265 was raised from the Christmas Draw for the Lodge benevolent Fund. This money will be distributed to good causes, (mostly local) in our March disbursement.

The combination of hot soup, mince pies and Steve Towl busy behind the bar meant everyone went home full of Christmas cheer.

Pictures are available here.

8th December 2016 :   Regular Lodge meeting

This evening we received an explanation of the First Degree Tracing Board from our W.Bro. Peter Hawken MBE, PJGD. An excellent and very impressive performance: congratulations Peter !

We then enjoyed our usual friendly Festive Board.

Usual Dartmoor Lodge evening enjoyed by all.

13th October 2016 :   Regular Lodge meeting

This evening we passed a Brother of Excester Lodge to the second degree of a Fellowcraft. It was also our fraternal visit from Erme Lodge.

Fifty eight members and guests witnessed the ceremony.

We then enjoyed a spmewhat boisterous Festive Board.

Another good evening at Dartmoor Lodge!

24th September 2016 :   Horse-racing evening

We again had equestrian action at the Dartmoor Racecourse.

Horses were bought and sold! Fortunes were won and lost!

And a few drinks were drunk.

Pictures are available here .

A short video is available here .

8th September 2016 :   Regular Lodge meeting

This evening was our first after the summer break: we passed Brother Tim Haley to the second degree.

We had nearly sixty members and guests present to enjpy a good ceremony followed by the usual Dartmoor 4 course Festive Board with a pasty as the main course.

The whiskey draw and main raffle between them raised over £250.

9th June 2016 :   Regular Lodge meeting

This evening we initiated Brother Tim Haley as an Entered Apprentice Freemason.

Over sixty members and guests witnessed Brother Tim's Initiation, and we then enjoyed an exuberant Festive Board. The whiskey draw raised £58 and the main draw raised £318.

A very enjoyable and successful evening!

We are very pleased to welcome Brother Tim to Freemasonry, and in particular, to the Dartmoor Lodge, where we are confident he will prove a worthy member.

14th April 2016 :   Lodge INSTALLATION Meeting

On a warm, sunny, Thursday afternoon, we enjoyed our regular annual Installation meeting. Our outgoing W.M. (now I.P.M.), Derek Lewis completed his year in grand fashion, with an impeccable performance installing our new W.M., Ricky Hext.

W.Bro. Ricky Hext then appointed and invested his officers in a fine and professional manner.

The photograph on the near right shows our D.C. W.Bro. Gerry Williams and our A.D.C. W.Bro. Lester Hard each side of our new Worshipful Master, Ricky Hext. On the far right is the new W.M. standing proudly in front of his chair.

A grand total of 109 watched and appreciated the ceremony!

102 of us then enjoyed a good Installation Banquet at the Royal Seven Stars Hotel in Totnes.

The top left photograph shows our new W.M. between the Deputy P.G.M. and our I.P.M. The one below shows three of our distinguished guests enjoying themselves.

15th March 2016 :   W.I. Regular Meeting

On 15th March, the South Brent W.I. held their regular meeting at South Brent masonic hall.

They received a presentation on the history of freemasonry in general, and of our own Dartmoor Lodge in particular, from W.Bro. Bob Carter.

The ladies were then invited into the temple where the layout, regalia and the salient features were explained by W.Bro. Gerry Williams, W.Bro. Derek Lewis, and W.Bro. Bob Carter.

The ladies asked many questions which were all answered. The ladies enjoyed cake and refreshments supplied by Sally Williams and Mary Lewis, the wives of W.Bro. Williams and W.Bro. Lewis respectively.

5th March 2016 :   Ladies Night

Mary Lewis and her husband, our Worshipful Master Derek Lewis, enjoying Dartmoor Lodge Ladies evening at the Royal Seven Stars Hotel in Totnes.

The evening was very successful, and a good time was had by all.

11th February 2016 :   Regular Lodge Meeting

We received a most interesting, and extremely thought-provoking, talk from the Provincial Grand Orator, Reuben Ayres, on the Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Later we enjoyed our usual Dartmoor Pasty with Good Company.

12th November 2015 :   Regular Lodge Meeting


An excellent evening, where Brother Tom Heathfield was raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason.

A superb performance by all, with W.Bro. Nick Williams, W.Bro. Derek Webber, and of course, our W.M., W.Bro. Derek Lewis, ably assisted by W.Bro. Steven Towl, W.Bro. Peter Southcott, and Bro. Bob Janes all contributing to a superb ceremony.

The Festive Board was our usual exuberant affair, with our members and guests enjoying four courses including the traditional Dartmoor Pasty, followed by sherry trifle. Good company and good food!


The photograph shows newly raised Master Mason Tom Heathfield receiving congratulations from the Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Derek Lewis.

17th October 2015 :   Horse-racing evening in the Lodge


Dartmoor Brethren and Guests enjoyed a fun horse-racing evening, as can be seen in the photographs.


The evening was organized by the Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Derek Lewis and his wife Mary, with assistance from W.Bro. Roger Wigfall.


We are also very grateful to Brethren Peter and John, with their wives, Angela and Sandra for again coming and organizing the races and tote, with their usual efficiency and humour.


Baked Potatoes with Chilli and/or Cheese were provided by Mary Lewis and Liz Wigfall, the wives of W.Bro. Derek Lewis and W.Bro. Roger Wigfall respectively, followed by a choice of sweets!





The bar was ably manned by our Bar Steward, W.Bro. Steve Towl.



At the end of the evening, we had raised £271 for charity!


12th October 2015 :   In Memoriam

The Lodge mourns the death of our most senior member,
Worshipful Brother Adolf Neuman,
Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden,
who peacefully passed to the Grand Lodge Above
on the evening of Monday 21st September 2015.

Eulogy written by W.Bro. Bob Carter (W.Bro. Adolf's son-in-law).

W.Bro. Adolf's Bolivian Grand Lodge Certificate

The funeral took place on Monday 12th October at South Brent Methodist Church.

The Family requested no flowers.
Donations to RMBI Cadogan Court Amenity Fund.

8th October 2015 :   Regular Lodge Meeting

Another successful meeting for our W.M. and his Officers, when they raised a brother of Maristow Lodge, in Plympton, to the sublime degree of a Master Mason: again, over 50 brethren and guests enjoyed the ceremony and the festive board (including a few drinks) which followed.

10th September 2015 :   Regular Lodge Meeting

At our meeting on 10th September, over 50 brethren witnessed our W.M. and Officers pass a brother of Excester Lodge, in Exeter, to the 2nd degree: all the brethren and our guests enjoyed both the temple and the festive board.

4th July 2015 :   American-themed Quiz Evening


The pictures show Dartmoor Brethren and our Guests enjoying an excellent American-themed quiz evening.

The quiz was organized by W.Bro. Peter Southcott and his wife Margaret. Hot-dogs and pudd'ns were provided by Mary Lewis and Liz Wigfall, the wives of W.Bro. Derek Lewis and W.Bro. Roger Wigfall respectively. The odd drink, including a barrel of real ale, was served by barman W.Bro. Bob Carter.

Our Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Derek Lewis, who organized the evening (ably assisted by the aforementioned people, W.Bro. Roger Wigfall, and others), donned his favourite Sherrif's outfit for the evening to keep order: who said we are a cowboy outfit?

At the end of the evening, Derek Lewis announced that we had raised £270 for charity!


20th June 2015 :   Cadogan Court Summer Fete


This picture shows our most senior member of Dartmoor Lodge, Adolf Newman, at the Cadogan Court Summer Fete, here in the company of our PGM, R.W.Bro. Ian Kingsbury.


11th June 2015 :   Regular Lodge Meeting

At our meeting on 11th June, we raised a brother to the 3rd degree: the ceremony went very well, and all the brethren (including over 30 visitors) enjoyed themselves, both in the temple and at the festive board.

The picture on the left shows our Worshipful Master congratulating our newly raised Master Mason. The picture on the right shows Dartmoor and visiting brethren enjoying the Festive Board.


During our ceremony, at the 3rd rising, our D.C., W.Bro. Gerry Williams pointed out to the brethren, that at the June meeting 21 years ago, in 1994, we then also raised a brother to the 3rd. degree. The Worshipful Master carrying out that ceremony was our present W.M., W.Bro. Derek Lewis! The brother being raised in 1994 was our present A.D.C., Lester Hard.

6th June 2015 :   Lord Mayor's Parade,   Plymouth

Video of Masons taking part in the Lord Mayor's Parade wearing full regalia.

The Lord Mayor's parade included a mixed group of masons, including our W.Bro. Bob Carter, whose wife was shooting the above video.




In the video, the Provincial Grand Master can be seen leading behind the Standard Bearers.

13th April 2015 :   Provincial Grand Lodge meeting


The picture shows our W.Bro. Roger Wigfall (left) receiving congratulations from the Right W.Bro. Ian Kingsbury (PGM Devonshire) on his promotion to Past Prov. Grand Registrar at the recent Provincial Grand Lodge meeting.

W.Bro. Nick Williams received his first provincial collar as Past Prov. Junior Grand Deacon, and other brethren gaining promotion were W.Bro. Francis Sparkes (Past Prov. Junior Grand Warden), and last, but by no means least, W.Bro. John Clemens (Past Prov. Grand Superintendent of Works).


9th April 2015 :   Installation Festive Board

(L to R)   Rt .W. Bro Ian Kinsgbury (PGM Devonshire),     W. Bro Derek Lewis (WM),     W. Bro Kevin Bell (IPM)

After an excellent ceremony in our temple, the Installation Festive Board was held at the Royal Seven Stars in Totnes, and was a great success.

21st March 2015 :   Dartmoor Lodge Ladies' Evening.

The Dartmoor Lodge Ladies' Evening was held at the Royal Seven Stars in Totnes and was hosted by Caroline Bell, our Worshipful Master's wife. The toast to the Ladies was given at the beginning of the evening so that the Worshipful Master's wife could get her speech over with and get on and enjoy the rest of the evening. Caroline gave a witty and eloquent speech on behalf of the ladies and showed none of the nervousness she claimed she was feeling.

There were 86 guests who enjoyed good food, good music and great company.

The evening's raffle raised £400 which contributed to the grand total of £1,125 that the Lodge raised during the year from social events. All monies were donated to The British Heart Foundation. Well done Kevin and Caroline.

30th January 2015 :   Armada Group Brewery visit

On 30th January, the Armada Group enjoyed a visit to Bays Brewery in Torquay.

The picture shows Dartmoor Brethren
(L to R) Stuart Fox, Bob Janes, Stuart Heathfield, and Tom Heathfield, enjoying a drink while helping to raise £190 for the Rowcroft Hospice in Torquay.

Cheque presentation to nicu, Derriford Hospital.

This picture shows W.Bro. Bob Carter (W.M. at the time - in 2013/14) presenting a cheque to representatives of 'nicu' in Derriford Hospital.

W.Bro. Nick Williams is holding his baby, with Beth (wife of Nick Williams) and Kate (wife of Bob Carter) on the right of the picture.

W.Bro. Steve Towl presenting cheques.

The picture on the left shows W.Bro. Steven Towl (W.M. in 2011/12) presenting a cheque during his year as W.M. to a young recipient.

The girl on the right is Stephanie Doree, receiving a cheque from Steve in 2013.


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